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My Dojo

My Dojo is a garage that I originally remodeled into my personal gym and recreational room, but in 2006 I changed it into a private dojo. It is now officially “Barren County Martial Arts LLC”.

I have a background in Goju Shorei Karate, certified by the late Master Ken Eubanks. I began my study of martial arts in 1984. I teach Karate and a Combative's form of Self-Defense. I do not teach small children. 


                      Sensei Larry Williams

Self Protection 

This class teaches awareness, de-escalation skills, pre-emptive attacks, sucker punch protections, defenses against weapons, escapes from ground situations, and much more. This class is for men and women. 

I have put together a collection of techniques to make up my self-defense curriculum. The name to my system is “New Century Combatives”. The techniques came from World War 2 military combatives, karate, and other systems of self defense. Some of the them are techniques I developed with the help of my students over the years.


The basics of my curriculum is made up of gross motor movements. The reason is that when it comes to self-protection, simple is best. When you are adrenalized the ability to pull off anything complicated is gone for most people. You will lose fine motor skills and be left with only the ability to use the basic gross motor movements.

Some people think it takes a long time to learn self defense. Self defense is not hard to learn, it only takes the desire to learn, and practice. Part of self defense training is educating yourself of the dangers and knowing how to avoid bad situations.


In self defense you only need a few easy to learn fighting techniques that are geared toward street survival. It is not the same thing as learning to fight like a professional.

If  you find yourself in a battle for your life, your number one weapon is your brain.The proper mindset is far more important than any skills you learn.


The styles I teach are Goju Shorei Karate, Nu-Seiki Karate, and New Century Combatives. Goju Shorei is what is started with in 1984, Nu-Seiki is a style that I developed. New Century Combatives is strickly for self-defense. I only teach adults. The focus of this class is karate basics, kata, and point fighting, and fighting techniques for self-defense.

Safety is top priority in my classes. When I started karate in 1984 the only protection we used were pads on the hands and feet and groin protection. No head gear. The groin was a legal target in competition. Safety equipment has come a long way since then.


I have seen people get knocked out in tournaments and then receive a hard blow to the head when their head hit the hard wood floor as they fell. Head gear can prevent serious injury that could result from a fall or strike.

During sparring sessions in class I require head and face protection.I have heard some people say that training with face protection is for whimps. To that I say, let them think what they want. I’ve been there, done that, and know that injuries to my face in a real battle won’t stop me from fighting to the end. But getting injured in class should be avoided. 


We focus on power in our kicks and punches, but we also focus on throwing them in sparring sessions with speed and controlled contact. We make contact in sparring but not with knockout intention.

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