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Monday thru Friday

By appointment only

Saturday & Sunday

No Classes

All my classes are pay at the door, per class. No Contracts. I suggest one class per week of 90 mins for karate, or one hour for the self-defense classes. Most people think if you only go one day a week you can't learn much but know better.


How fast you learn, and advance depends on the student. I started my training in 1984 in Bowling Green, one or two days a week in class was the most I could get to when I was working, but I am disciplined enough to train on my own at home. 

The class time is used almost exclusively on the technical stuff, which includes awareness, and the mindset needed to deal with a threat.  I tell all my students that you must train on your own, train for fitness as well as developing your skill set. 

Larry Williams

Cell 270 670-9686 

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